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Our Fees

When we meet with new clients, friends, and strategic partners, one of the first questions we answer is "how do we get paid?". This question is answered at the very beginning because it is important and complete transparency is our process at Aventurine Wealth Management. As always, initial consultations are complimentary.

Fee-Based Asset Managment

This option may make sense for you if you would like an investment geared relationship with our firm that includes us planning for your goals, managing your assets, and mitigating tax-risk.

$499* planning fee

.85% - 1.25% annually of assets under our management

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

This option may make sense for you if you would like access to our advisors resources for strategies regarding estate planning, tax planning, risk management planning, income planning and investment planning.

$300* per month or $3600* per year

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Conducting Insurance

This option may make sense for you if you only need assistance with mitigating risk and transferring some risk to an insurance company. This involves insurance planning, annuity planning, disability and long-term care planning. 

Depends on type of product but we recieve a commission from the insurance company for due dilligence.

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*depending on the complexity of your plan